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DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is an email authentication protocol that gives you the ability to mitigate against more sophisticated attacks such as domain-impersonation and spearphishing.

By moving through the required stages of REPORT > QUARANTINE > REJECT (p=reject) you can:

✔️ Boost email deliverability: using our reporting to have visibility over your domain will allow you to correctly configure SPF & DKIM and ensure you can maximise your ROI from marketing spend

✔️ Avoid misconfiguration: we help you to secure your email sending sources and block fake ones

✔️ Get protection quickly: gain full control and over your emails, allowing them to be trusted and help prevent future attacks

What do you get with our free DNS Intelligence Report?

If you have NO DMARC in place, an attacker can easily impersonate your domain and make an email look like it's from you. Our DNS Intelligence Reports give you a clear overview of your senders, receivers and delivery to secure your domain, enabling you to gain a clear overview of how your domain is configured and where it may be failing.

We understand the problems with constantly trying to keep on top of evolving cyber tactics, especially as email is overwhelming the biggest threat vector. Implementing your DMARC in full REJECT (p=reject) mode adds an additional layer of email security, mitigating against the more sophisticated attacks and helping to protect your brand reputation.

ONDMARC Location Reporting


Location Reporting

Gain a global overview of where your domain is being used and misused

ONDMARC Compliance Report


Compliance Report

See if emails currently being sent from your domain pass or fail SPF and DKIM

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